Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're moving in! And we'll have no internet :(

It’s moving day tomorrow!!!

We’ve already made a couple of trips with our stuff in the rain to avoid carrying all 90 lbs of our belongings on the train in one go. We spend most of the day cleaning at the apartment and I am particularly pleased about our kitchen now smelling like green apples and bleach rather than a drain. We still have lots to do but it all feels a lot more manageable now that we’ve put a good dent in our chores!

We are going to have so much space. I can’t wait! Today Brett was standing in the master bedroom and I called to him from the living room and he didn’t even hear me! At the condo in Calgary we were able to hear each other cough from anywhere in our domicile so this is strange and new. This is also a huge improvement from living in 100-150 sq feet ensuite hostel rooms for the past month.

A friend of our landlord’s is going to help us get set up with internet at the apartment, but unfortunately we’ve just learned that because of her intense work schedule (Taiwanese office workers spend 10-14 hour days at work... oie) we won’t be able to meet with her right away. Because of this, we have absolutely no idea when we’ll have internet. We’re hoping within one week. As in Beijing, we’ll keep track of everything that happens and do some post-dated blog entries once we’re back online.

If anyone needs to reach us in an emergency, we’ll still be able to check our emails on Brett’s phone using the wireless available at train stations. Hope you all have a great week!

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