Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Very Best Drunken Chicken (a Chinese Shaohsing Jiu Marinade)

Brett and I took it easy today as we are moving to a new accommodation tomorrow morning. It’s called Hostel Hamasen and is a “Scandinavian-Taiwanese inspiration” with beer on tap so we’re pretty excited. It’s also in the older part of the city right by the harbour so that will be nice.

Anyways, today we saw Fast 5 at the same theatre we went to before. It was... wow. I really empathized with the Rock’s character. His level of sweatiness throughout that movie is a daily struggle that Brett and I can both relate to since moving to Taiwan. It makes a person cranky.

For dinner we went to this Taiwanese place (with an impressive English-language website) called Amy’s and had a pretty good experience! We eschewed the one thing we know how to order in Chinese (chicken with spicy peanuts and dried chillies) and ordered “The Very Best Drunken Chicken (a Chinese Shaohsing Jiu Marinade)”, sweet-and-sour pork, and rice. Brett ordered a coconut juice and I got watermelon juice. They were sooo delicious! Brett’s had giant pieces of coconut flesh in it and mine was garnished with a huge wedge of watermelon. (See below!)

The very best drunken chicken was decent, but definitely an acquired taste. It was the first thing to come out and it was a plate of thinly sliced, cold chicken topped with a brownish jelly I assume is animal-based and marinaded in something with a distinctly alcoholic taste. It was served with a pile of shredded fresh ginger and you can see the edge of the plate in the photo below.

Pureed Watermelon juice and Drunken Chicken platter

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