Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have keys!

We got the keys to our apartment today!!! We’re going to be gradually moving our stuff there in small trips and then we officially start staying there on Wednesday! Yay!

Our internet situation is going to be sketchy after the move... we have to acquire a USB stick. We’ve been given the email address of a Taiwanese woman who speaks English and will help us but we have yet to find out exactly how that’s going down.

I’ve been very homesick and experiencing a good deal of culture shock this past week. It all came to a head yesterday when we got stuck far from the hotel in a tropical rainstorm without umbrellas. The sole raincoat we packed was used to protect B’s camera and lenses. When we got back to the room, I considered what I missed about Canada and what I was having a hard time with in Taiwan and felt way better when I woke up this morning. A friend pointed out to me in an email last night as well that this time of uncertainty, wearing unwashed clothes, and not knowing what was going to happen next is good for me. I’m building character and learning to appreciate the little things! Little things like having 24 hour access to a washing machine (... yesssss!)

We’ve found some grocery stores (and a Costco!) in Kaohsiung and it’s going to be wonderful to do some cooking at home for the first time since we left Calgary. I have my eye on a cheap frying pan at IKEA that will be just perfect for making french toast.

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