Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach Day!

Today we walked through a tunnel under a mountain just two blocks away from our hostel. On the other side of the tunnel was the gorgeous and tropical Dr. Sun Yat-sen University. It’s where the proprietor of our hostel goes to school and when we complimented him on how beautiful the campus is he shrugged and said, “You get used to it. Also we have natural hazards. Monkeys attack students and steal our food and our money sometimes.” He was not kidding.

Luckily we made it through campus unscathed and we went to a lovely sandy beach on the other side. The water was so warm and as I am so unaccustomed to hanging out near the ocean I was enthralled. The novelty of standing at the water’s edge letting the waves crash over my shins took about two hours to wear off. Poor Boje! He also had to deal with my manic shell-gathering and then petulant pouting once it was pointed out to me that I had nowhere to put my treasures. Next time I’m bringing a bucket!

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