Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best and Worst of Taiwan!

While waiting out some dreary weather, we haven’t been up to very much in the way of sight seeing. We’ve been settling into our new neighbourhood and putting out some feelers for short-term apartment leases to tide us over until our plan is more concrete. In the meantime, we have decided to take a snapshot of our impressions of Taiwan so far in the form of a list of our favourite and least favourite things about Formosa nearly one month into our trip. We were each going to write our own but found we had so much overlap they've been compiled into one:

Our favourite things:

1. Taiwanese bakeries where we can eat our fill for a fraction of what you'd pay back home! And the quality and variety are amazing!
2. ICE CREAM! It is everywhere and it tastes better here, I promise.
3. Random curious smiles and head-nods from strangers and their adorable children.
4. Musical garbage trucks. (As described by B in this post)
5. Walking down a dingy alley and stumbling upon a park filled with palm trees or an ancient temple lit by red paper lanterns or some equally gorgeous landmark.
6. Knowing you could approach any Taiwanese person on the street to help you out as best they can, even if you speak no Chinese and they speak no English.

Our least favourite things:

1. The indescribably bad smell of stinky tofu.
2. Occasional whiffs of raw sewage, especially when you're eating outside... barf.
3. Feeling like a sweaty mosquito buffet every night when we get back to our room.
4. The sometimes traumatic and always awkward process of ordering food through the language barrier.
5. Dodging scooters whenever we try to cross a street.
6. Again, the indescribably bad smell of stinky tofu... SERIOUSLY!

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