Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday in Taichung... with Mom

The weather was pretty gloomy in Taichung on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we were all very tired from the long hours we’d kept over the weekend. Tuesday we ambled over to Cha for Tea for lunch, where we’d also taken Brett’s parents during their visit. Mom enjoyed all the tea-infused foods and then we did a bit of shopping in Tiger City.

After that, we headed to the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, a gorgeous facility in Taichung. Entry is free, except for the special exhibit on a Japanese comic artist which we decided to skip. I love checking out museums in Taiwan, and this one was beautifully curated and featured a lot of amazing Asian themes. There was a real focus on Taiwanese artists, and we also enjoyed an exhibit featuring Korean art. Mom’s favourite part of the day, however, was the exhibit on Taiwanese Printed Cloth. It will be here until July 15, and it showcased beautiful, brightly coloured Taiwanese fabrics. The exact kind Mom had been asking us to help her find. She’s really into quilting, and wanted to find some locally produced textiles to work with. A woman working the exhibit gave us a Chinese address for a shop where we could buy some of the fabrics on display. I’m sure Mom could think of nothing else for the rest of the day! 

That night we went to Feng Chia Night Market, which was pretty busy as many students were still on holiday from school. Mom tried a few kinds of dumplings, shrimp pancakes with sweet chili sauce, spicy Korean noodles, deep-fried chicken breast stuffed with cheese, strawberry milk, papaya milk, Taiwanese yam fries, steamed duck wraps, and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten! We also stopped at a typical Taiwanese bakery so she could try some pastries. Just writing about all this now is making me want to go to a night market for dinner tonight!

Lunch at Cha for Tea
Outside the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts

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