Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Love Pier (真愛碼頭)

On the last full day of our holiday in Kaohsiung, Brett and I were excited to have lunch at Stanley’s restaurant, and to be reunited with Vicky who’d just returned from a family vacation in South Korea. After an amazing lunch of pork noodle soup and cold red tea, we set out with Stanley and Vicky to Kaohsiung’s Love Pier. The Love Pier is where parts of the set of the new Taiwanese film, Black and White, have been opened to the public. We opted out of waiting in an hours-long line for a tour of the film’s police station set, and instead walked around outside. It was pretty cool seeing some of the boats and landscapes where the action movie was filmed. After touring around the area, we went to a nearby coffee shop to escape the cold with some hot lattes and waffles. A perfect little afternoon! 

Our friends met up with us again after work that night, and the Black and White fanatic tour culminated with a stop at Coastal, the bar built in the Pier 2 art district especially for the film. It doesn’t have a kitchen, just a liquor license, and it was absolutely packed with people. We shied away from the crowds, but not until Brett and Stanley had each taken dozens of photos. We had burgers and drinks instead at a popular Western-style pub called Bottoms Up on ChengGong 1st Rd.

The next morning we packed up our things and left for Taichung. We were sad to go, but so thankful to our awesome host, Eric, at Harbor 60 Hostel. His is the cleanest, most comfortable hostel we’ve stayed at in Kaohsiung. The facility is beautiful, we were served Chinese tea (“good for the eyes!”) whenever we set foot outside our private room, and it was so nice to return to a clean, quiet environment at the end of each day. The mixed and female dorms are also very bright and clean with a row of lockers in each. There’s also an extra shower adjoining the beautiful and comfortable fourth floor common area. I highly recommend Harbor 60 if you’re planning on staying in Kaohsiung!

Lunch at Stanley's, delicious!
I'm not sure what it's original purpose was, but this was the "South District Police Station" depicted in the movie Black and White.
Vicky and Stanley!
Brett and Amanda
We stopped for some coffee and dessert after the Love Pier.
I think I'm in love... with the waffles.
We tried - and failed - to get into Coastal: a bar that was created for and featured in the movie Black and White. Coastal is located down at Pier 2.

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