Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I am in ecstasy!

The Adorable Taiwan Moment of the Week happened today when B and I were sitting around a Taiwanese snack shop after work with some teachers who are new to Taiwan. We were all chatting and eating, and noticed that some of the staff had been giving us the eye - possibly implying we should leave? No, turns out one of the staff (an adorable older man named Rock) wanted to ask us a question! He approached us and asked if we could help him practice some English, and he specifically wanted to know how to use the word "ecstasy" in a sentence! We helped him out with a couple of variations, and he said "My son will get married soon, so I am in ecstasy!" Turns out, his brother owns a Chinese restaurant in LA and he lived there for a few years and helped him out with the business, so his English is terrific. We all already love the food there, but it's little interactions like this one that really make a loyal customer out of me! I'm sure I'll be seeing more of Rock in the near future!

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