Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two days left before Vancouver... no wait, we are in Vancouver!

So the danger of starting and not finishing and uploading a blog post is that in just a matter of days it will become out of date and irrelevant. I have scrapped my earlier unposted draft that started "Two days before Vancouver" and I will try to do better at not falling behind!

Without a doubt the hardest thing of the last month or so has been not just getting ourselves ready to leave but also saying goodbye to as many people as possible before leaving. So long as there was a single person out there (and there were many) that I wanted to say goodbye to in person but didn't get the chance to, I feel that our departure did not go as I would have liked.

I hope that those I missed will forgive me and understand that they will be the FIRST to be contacted upon our return!

We arrived in Van this evening to green grass, daffodils and sunshine. Just missed the cherry blossoms but spring is looking beautiful here, I do love Vancouver!

For dinner we went to a South Indian restaurant on Kingsway and had some excellent Dosas with our friend and host Rob. The food reminded me of the great meal that our friends Vidya and Raj cooked for us during our second or third last week in Calgary. It's funny that on our first night away from Calgary, comfort food would come in the form of South Indian cuisine!

We will be sure to take pictures while we are here in Vancouver and try to get some up on our blog before heading on to Beijing.

A couple things to get straight before signing off...

1. I have never blogged before, so forgive me of any monotonous or mundane posts. I trust my writing skills will improve with the aid of my editor extraordinaire (Amanda)... who is currently sleeping on the job!

2. Yes, I am rather excited and an astonishingly large number of my sentences will likely end with exclamation points! I will look to my editor to reign me in when things begin to get out of hand, but not tonight!!!!!

Good night, for now.

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