Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love Vancouver

I am sunburnt. Already. Anyone who has ever seen me on a sunny day will not be surprised. Actually, today when B was going through some pictures of me he’d taken that morning, he oh-so-casually commented that it will be really nice when “we” get a bit of a tan in Taiwan. I guess my pasty complexion wasn’t so noticeable back in Calgary.

Vancouver has been great. We walked to Granville Island yesterday and ate our faces off at the Public Market, then today we caught a bus to English Bay and posed awkwardly for photos on the beach. After that we had dinner with B’s friend, Pierre. As a Canadian who lived in Japan for a while he was able to give us some solid advice to keep in mind for acclimatizing to life in Taiwan.

I wish we had more time to spend here. I love Vancouver so much! It helps that Rob is a great host and that the weather has been so beautiful. I don’t even feel nauseous on the buses here and you can’t travel a block in this city without smelling something delicious! I’m in love.

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