Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Immunizations!

Back in December, B and I went to the International Travel Clinic downtown and got flu shots, various hepatitis vaccines, and prescriptions for antibiotics to be used for emergencies while we’re in Taiwan.

We realized last week that since we’ve added a stop in China to our itinerary, we would now need a typhoid shot and some Dukoral - an oral vaccine to protect us from cholera and E. coli. When we went back to the clinic to take care of this, I also got a free pneumonia vaccine! If you are over 65 or have a history of cancer, you should get hooked up with this.

Today we were supposed to drive up to Red Deer to drop off my car and to see my sister for the last time before we leave but with the stupid snow storm (in April, no less) it might not happen after all. Awful road conditions that only seem to happen on days I need to travel are something I will definitely not miss about Canada.

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