Monday, January 16, 2012

Seven Drinks (A Foolproof Hiccup Cure)

Hiccups are pretty annoying, but before yesterday I had never before considered how problematic they might be if I ever got them while teaching. In the middle of one of my higher level classes, I came down with a noisy case of the hiccups! I got the kids working on some individual writing practice and was trying some deep breathing, but couldn't stop. I was really lucky this happened in one of my more well-behaved classes. They're so adorable and thought it was funny but kept doing their work as though nothing was wrong.

One of my students eventually looked up from quietly working on his assignment and asked, "Teacher, are you uncomfortable?" One of his classmates chimed in and said "You should do the seven drinks!" What's that, you might ask? A popular hiccups remedy among my students, taught to them by their moms, is to take seven sips of water without breathing any air in between. After you take seven sips you don't have the hiccups anymore! I knew I'd learn as much as I taught in this job, but I never thought I'd learn a trick like this. Many thanks to my wonderful Taiwanese students!

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