Saturday, January 28, 2012

Black and White

On Monday, we staggered out of the hostel with crazy food hangovers to enjoy even more of our favourite spots in Kaohsiung. The first stop of the day was Lao Song Beef Noodles on Wufu 4th Road. I could suggest beef noodles at any given hour on any given day, and Boje’s ears would perk right up. Lao Song was definitely at the top of the list of places we had to revisit in KH. We both ordered the regular beef noodles with medium noodles. He ordered soup, and I had mine dry (dry meaning still with a delicious gravy-like broth soaking the noodles at the bottom of the bowl). We also ordered my favourite side dish, cucumbers with chili and garlic in a sesame oil dressing. The cucumber dish is so cold and refreshing, then you feel the spicy kick... just perfect. 

After beef noodles, we went to FE21 in Sanduo Shopping District to meet up with Stanley and his friend Russell. We all hung out outside the department store for a while watching Stanley’s nephew, Montana, run around in a super excited frenzy about all the kids activities that had been set up for the holiday. After we watched Montana bounce on a bungee trampoline contraption long enough for me to feel seriously ill (even from the ground), we parted ways with the others and headed back into the department store to catch an early evening showing of Black and White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault. Black and White actually started out as a Taiwanese TV show with English subtitles! I haven’t seen the show yet, but we’re going to try to find it on DVD. The film was shot using Kaohsiung as a backdrop for “Harbor City”, a fictional pan-Asian city. I plan on buying the DVD and forcing my Canadian friends to sit in on a viewing when I go home. You can check out the trailer here, and if you’re in Taiwan you should go out and watch the movie! Support Taiwanese cinema! 

After the movie, we continued our food nostalgia tour at Teresa’s Latin American restaurant (across the street from Lao Song). It’s a great restaurant with a large selection of dishes from various South American countries. The decor is mellow, with South American currencies, flags, artwork, and foreigner-signed walls. We ordered a couple of our favourites to split, as most of the menu items are meant to share family-style. After that, we went back to Harbor 60 to rest up and recover from the food punishment we’d been giving ourselves since vacation started on Friday night.

Amanda at Lao Song Beef Noodle Shop
Amanda gets straight down to business.
Lao Song Beef Noodle Soup... so delicious it should be illegal.
Before (happy on the outside).
After (happy on the inside).

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