Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Dinner at Splendor

Just a quick update on how Christmas dinner in Taichung went... MMMM! We went to the Euro A buffet at the Taichung Splendor Hotel. It's a beautiful restaurant. Never before have turkey, roast beef, sashimi, and whole crab fought for my attentions as Christmas protein. We all had a great meal and enjoyed bottomless juice, soda, beer, and coffee for about NT$850 per person which seems pricey, but really paid for itself while we feasted and drank our fill over hot, familiar food. For anyone looking to celebrate a holiday alone in Taiwan, a turkey buffet at a big hotel is really the way to go. Pumpkin mashed potatoes... I'll leave it at that.

After dinner we played Bad Santa, though no one actually ended up stealing anything! I came home with a beautiful box of chocolates, and Boje opened a new webcam!

Christmas is a flash in the pan in Taiwan, as it's now 7:30 the following morning and we're getting ready for Chinese class and work tonight. We had an excellent weekend with some wonderful Skyping, some beautiful packages in the mail, and lots of quality time with friends. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Love and Merry Christmas from both of us!

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