Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Canada Day Weekend in Kaohsiung

Did we ever mention how much we like Kaohsiung. Well we do. We like it a lot. So just one week after Dragon Boat Festival, we were back again.

On the Saturday, we visited Kaohsiung’s Cultural Center in Lingya District with our friends Milton & Jenny. It was a beautiful day, and so we also enjoyed a nice walk around the surrounding park.

That evening, Milton & Jenny recommended we take a look around the Dadong Arts Center (大東藝術中心) in Fengshan District. There was some kind of free live music performance while we were there, for which a crowd had gathered. The building architecture and lighting were also very unique and made the visit worthwhile. Definitely best visited in the early evening so as to see the building lit up at night.

After Dadong Arts Center, we hopped on the MRT, had a quick stop at Formosa Boulevard Station to take some pictures of the Dome of Light. Then it was on to Aozidi Forest Park, where we walked to Foster Hewitt’s Pub to meet our friends Stanley & Vicky.

The following day, we rose early and joined Milton & Jenny on a trip to Fó Guāng Shān Temple (佛光山寺). Fó Guāng Shān is an amazing place and worthy of a post dedicated to itself, stay tuned.

Kaohsiung's Cultural Center
Dadong Arts Center
Dadong Arts Center
Dadong Arts Center
Formosa Boulevard
Formosa Boulevard
Aozidi Forest Park Entrance to MRT Station

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