Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kenny and Annemarie Come to Taiwan: Episode IV - Taichung & Farewells

Our last two days with Annemarie and Kenny went by way too quickly. In Taichung we all refueled our energy – Brett and I needed to mentally prepare to go back to work at the height of our busy season, and our wonderful guests needed to brace themselves for a flight back across the Pacific. We took them to some of our most beloved restaurants in Taichung – Din Tai Feng for a beautiful meal, Hong Kong Manual Style Desserts for dim sum, and Bollywood for some naan and curry. We enjoyed cold tea drinks, our rooftop view, and a brief trip to the jade market. My favourite part, though, was taking them to Fengjia Night Market. We fed them fruit juice, tea, fried chicken, yams, French fries, and then shopped! Annemarie picked up some excellent Chinglish t-shirts for a steal of a deal. It was a perfect, relaxing end to our wonderful visit. 

On Saturday morning while they were still getting ready to head back to Canada, I unfortunately had to return to work. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, though. I was so refreshed and happy after such a wonderful visit that the huge pile of work I came back to seemed like a piece of cake. It’s funny – I cried when they arrived, but when they left I felt so happy and relaxed by our time together that I forgot to feel sad. I suppose it helps that I knew I’d see them again in another three months! 

When Brett and I both went back to work on Monday, we landed right in performance and final reports season for each of our most time-consuming classes. It’s been hectic ever since!

Kenny tucks right into the pork buns while Annemarie contemplates where to begin
Kenny & Annemarie
Relaxing on the roof of our condo building with some tea drinks
At Fengjia Night Market with some finger-lickin' fried chicken
Riding twosies.
Bollywood farewell dinner


  1. Hello, My name is Kalee. I currently live and work in Taichung. I see that you did a few years ago. I work with Cornel. I really enjoyed your blog. So many of the same things I have gotten to do in the past years! Wish you the best!

    1. Hi Kalee! Thanks so much. I see you have been blogging, too. I have so many great memories from my time in Taiwan. Hope you continue to have an awesome time there!! :)