Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Din Tai Feng 鼎泰豐

I like Din Tai Feng. It is delicious. If I could export one restaurant from Taiwan back to Canada, it would be Din Tai Feng. I will miss it dearly, think of it often, and send it postcards.

Each time I calculate how many days Amanda and I have left in Taiwan, I can’t help but consider the corresponding number of possible opportunities we have left to eat at Din Tai Feng... and then I shed a single tear, and somewhere, a beautiful flower withers and dies.

Amanda at Din Tai Feng 鼎泰豐
Delicious Shrimp Fried Brown Rice 蝦仁炒飯
Xiao Long Bao 小籠
Beef Noodle Soup 牛肉湯麵
Crazy Face. Can you blame me, with all that delicious food in front of me?


  1. Boje,
    If I may, to send them a postcard could be a little over reactive.
    to send a post card to me will be more sensible,don`t u think so?

    Then maybe I`ll consider for bringing some Xiao Long Bao form Din Tai Feng when I come to Calgary!
    (highly doubted if it still good after one week`s trip)

  2. I think a better idea is for you to come to Calgary and open a restaurant selling all the best food from Taiwan... but no ducks brain, and no intestine soup!!!

  3. I wonder how people in calgary defining what the GOOD FOOD means?