Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gaomei (高美) Wetlands and a Driving Lesson at the Port

On Saturday, after a hearty brunch, we headed towards the Taichung Port for part 2 of my scooter driving lessons. (My first attempt was too embarrassing to blog about - mostly a lot of screaming while I drove in straight lines back and forth across a cemetery parking lot).

It was quite a long drive to the Port, and when we were almost there we noticed a family on a scooter in our vicinity who had some beach toys with them. We decided to follow them and see what sort of beaches might be in our area! We weren’t disappointed. We found ourselves on some vast, deserted stretches of highway surrounded by rows of enormous, white wind turbines. The ocean breeze and the smell of the sea made the hot day so much more bearable! Eventually, we came to the Gaomei (高美) Island wetlands; a flat, sandy intertidal zone home to tons of crabs and sea birds. We hung out near a small snack street where vendors were selling fresh seafood, sweet grilled sausages, and lots of sandals and water toys! We also saw a temple surrounded by pristine rice paddies. The temple seemed to have been in the midst of renovations when the construction site was abandoned. We weren’t really sure what the circumstances were of its construction/renovations, but it had some spectacular stonework.

After we’d taken a look around Gaomei, we drove back past the windmills to Taichung Port for my driving lesson! Brett had already shown me the basics the previous weekend, and after a little more instruction this time, things went really smoothly! It felt pretty natural! Brett was a very patient teacher even after I insisted I needed to drive in circles around the parking lot about fifteen times before I was ready to go home. If you ever need someone to teach you to drive a scooter, Brett comes very highly recommended!

This weekend was bittersweet, however - we had to say goodbye to a couple of friends we’ve grown close to as they began their return trip home. It was sad to see them go, and I hope we’ll see them again in the near future!

Gaomei (高美) Wetlands and wind turbines
Gaomei (高美) Wetlands
Amanda at Gaomei (高美) Wetlands
Unfinished Temple at Gaomei (高美)
Amanda's Scooter Lesson
Zoom zoom!
Beep beep!

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