Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bills, bills, bills

When we get bills in the mail, we take them to work for a coworker to assure us that they're bills we should open rather than personal correspondence for our landlord, then we pay them as soon as possible at our local 7-11. This month, our cable and internet bills came up. I don't know if this is a standard Taiwanese contract or if our company is unusual or what, but basically we pay in advance for three months of service. We had a pretty confusing snag in the first week of November. We don't get paid by our branches until the 7th of the month, so our November bills were in a stack waiting to go when we were paid. The 7th is also when our internet happened to shut off.

The next day, I paid our whole pile of bills not really knowing what they were, but with the understanding that one of them was from our cable/internet company. The same day, the company contacted our landlord who lives in Japan to say her internet had been cut off, so she contacted Brett's Taiwanese colleague who asked him why we hadn't yet paid it. We thought we had!

Two days later, on Thursday, what do we find in the mailbox but a bill from our cable/internet company, this time for a much larger amount. It also said it was due to be paid on Monday, November 7! But it arrived on the 10th! We were never given a key to our mailbox by our landlord, so it just stays permanently unlocked. It's possible our mail was given to the wrong person who then let it sit on their dining room table for two weeks before thinking to put it in our mailbox. I don't know. All I know is it's been paid, and a week later we still have no internet in our apartment. Fortunately, we learned today that there's wifi in our building's lobby! Hooray!

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