Friday, July 22, 2011

You have been drinking! Your face is red!

This is not my half of the Singapore post. I just want to quickly relate how Amanda and I caught so much sun in Singapore that we were rather tanned (or crisp) when we returned to Kaohsiung. 

The first morning back we were both pretty exhausted so I just popped to Muddy Waters, the sandwich store on the corner of our street. When there the two ladies behind the counter, after seeing me, exchanged a few discreet words and some giggles ensued.

Moments later, while I was waiting for our take-out sandwiches, one of the two ladies plucked up the courage to talk to me and said “You have been drinking” and then pointing at my face and then at her face in a circling motion and she added “your face is red!”.

I chuckled and explained I had just got back from Singapore and caught too much sun. Not sure if they believed me but I think I conducted myself in an otherwise pretty sober manner!

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  1. Yes, Look at Amanda, she`s totally got a DRINKING NOSE NOW!!!