Friday, June 17, 2011

Hockey Night in Kaohsiung

On Thursday, knowing that Foster Hewitt’s (our local Canadian pub) would be showing a replay of the game seven hockey final between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks, Amanda and I very deliberately avoided checking the BBC, Facebook or any other website that might give away the result.

At 8pm our time, we started watching the final and, well, for brevity's sake I’ll leave at “we didn’t win”. Not only did we lose the game but we felt like we had lost twice over when we later on got caught up on news. Couldn’t believe all the rioting in Vancouver. How embarrassing to be a Canadian abroad right now when the only news making it overseas is about the Vancouver riots.

I did take one small pleasure in viewing some of the photos of the rioting and destruction and that was because so many of these rioters, looters, morons and mouth-breathers were stupid enough to do what they did while having their picture taken and within seconds uploaded to websites like Facebook. Some people even took self portraits and posted them to the web or updated their status to say how much fun they were having overturning cars and setting them on fire. Apparently Vancouver police are following up on all the photo evidence and have already made a number of arrests.

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